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  Mistakes Were Made Reviews
Mistakes Were Made
Mistakes Were Made

Mistakes Were Made
Santa Monica Playhouse
Thru - Sep 29, 2019

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Santa Monica Playhouse

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Broadway World- Recommended

"...While each of these characters add his/her own brand of humor to the story, I especially enjoyed Joelle as Sally the Canter's waitress who shamelessly flirts with Dick, earning her a much-too-generous tip, to which she responds by offering him so "private time" after her shift ends. No doubt Joelle's naturally sexy demeanor would be difficult to turn down, but Dick does, knowing his promise to be faithful to his wife, who seems to see and know everything he does, is more important than another fling which might destroy what he holds most dear."
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Shari Barrett

LA Splash- Highly Recommended

"...James' Cooper's set is enhanced by lighting which highlights flashbacks as the trio tell their stories to each other and the world. The entire production team does an excellent job of remaining flexible to the demands of the script. And let's not forget Chris DeCarlo, who doubles as cast member Jeff and skilled director of the whole shebang. If you're ready for some poignant chuckles about the foibles and fancies of three men who didn't know better then - but maybe do now, then MISTAKES WERE MADE is tailor-crafted just for you. Get ready to laugh as some of their thoughts reach out and touch your heart."
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Elaine Mura

Accessibly Live Off-Line- Highly Recommended

"...For a single act production, this show is simple yet sweet. There are no real "mistakes" seen here. It could ask the time tested question if one has a chance to do their life all over again, would it be done in the same way. The answer is to perform all of the mistakes a lot sooner! Whatever the case, this show is a keeper, and that's soon enough!"
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Rich Borowy