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  Look Homeward, Angel Reviews
Look Homeward, Angel
Look Homeward, Angel

Look Homeward, Angel
Thru - Dec 14, 2013

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LA Weekly- Recommended

"...Frings’ script won a Pulitzer Prize in its day, but in some respects time hasn’t been kind to it, particularly in the early scenes, which seem weak, unfocused and dated. But once the lesser characters have been introduced, the power of the story takes over, as is the case in director T.L. Kolman’s production. Tambellini nicely captures Eugene’s raw vulnerability and coltish charm, and Blanchard provides an etched-in-acid portrait of Eliza, whose grasping nature makes her sacrifice the needs of her family to her money-making schemes, and who never lets reality intrude on her chosen beliefs."
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Neal Weaver

Broadway World- Recommended

"...There are great characterizations among members of the cast, with Alison Blanchard embodying the foreboding Eliza with a force of will that commands the stage."
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Shari Barrett

Stage Scene LA- Recommended

"...Under Kolman’s expert direction, Look Homeward, Angel’s three stars deliver stunning, multilayered performances, beginning with L.A. newcomer Tambellini, commanding the stage and winning our hearts as the shy, awkward, hopelessly romantic Eugene. Blanchard is a force of nature as the penurious, possessive Eliza, and Wade is equally memorable as her philandering drunk of a husband."
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Steven Stanley

LA Stage Times- Somewhat Recommended

"...T. L. Kolman’s staging clocked in at more than three hours Friday. That’s too long, although perhaps the presence of only one bathroom at the Secret Rose had a lot to do with that. The intermission seemed twice as long as the intermissions are in houses that have at least two bathrooms. But I’m glad I got to see Look Homeward, Angel, not only because it can be interesting to catch revivals of long-forgotten Pulitzer winners, but also because I’m glad I got to know Eliza Gant. As embodied by Blanchard, she’s a woman who doesn’t hesitate to take charge — in the era before women could vote."
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Don Shirley