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  Law and Order: The Musical! at The Broadwater Black Box

Law and Order: The Musical!

The Broadwater Black Box
6322 Santa Monica Blvd Los Angeles

A grisly murder has taken place, and cops and lawyers can't stop screwing up their quest for justice. Who killed the seemingly saintly housewife turned prostitute? Is it mob related? A closeted gay foodie? A pompous doorman? Each twist leads to more absurdity and perhaps some insight into what truly ails our criminal justice system. Think Airplane!... with songs and social commentary. For fans of the original beloved series, there are winks and jokes a plenty. For all the hilarity in the new spoof, however, itís also an edgy and engaging whodunit that will keep you guessing until the very last scene. The action is scored with ten eclectic and original songs.

Thru - Mar 15, 2020

Fridays: 8:00pm
Saturdays: 8:00pm
Sundays: 7:00pm

Price: $20

Show Type: Musical

  Law and Order: The Musical! Reviews
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Broadway World - Recommended

"...Cleverly and wittingly written, not only the book, but the intricate, explanatory and humorous lyrics to the ten musical numbers written for the show with wonderful vocal arrangements to match; Law and Order; The Musical, delivers the clues, the facts, the suspects, the crime and plenty of hilarity during this mock-up and laugh-a-minute parody spoofing the epic long-running TV drama. The spiffy and caricatured choreography was an added bonus to the already lively, full of energy cast of characters we meet. Being a long-time fan of the series, it was fun to mix and match the characters to the different actors you've seen playing those roles."
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Valerie-Jean Miller

LA Splash - Recommended

"...The creator of the show's book and lyrics also serves as director for the lampoon, a spoof on all police procedurals which ever graced the family television set during prime time - with a special focus on the longest-running granddaddy of them all. To compound the enigmatic confusion, most of the cast wear multiple hats (and wigs, if you're paying attention). The show features 11 original songs depicting "Law" and "Order." The enthusiastic cast works overtime singing, dancing, emoting, developing their alter egos, and, in general, hamming it up - all to the tune of the famous duo of "Law and Order" chords."
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Elaine Mura

Stage Raw - Recommended

"...Law and Order: The Musical! is about as a goofy as it sounds. But for those who are either into the show or are just in the mood to see our criminal justice system rightfully caricatured, the astute production will inevitably be a good time."
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Lara J. Altunian

Theatre Notes - Recommended

"...The show and its performance is as broad as broad can be. It is played to the audience with tongue firmly in cheek. The songs and the singing thereof is pretty damned good, with lots of tight harmony. And when there is singing, there is tightly choreographed dancing (kudos Lou Becker) with arms, legs, and hands snapping and waving, lots of spinning and turning, and who doesn't love the good old box step? The committed cast has a ball performing the show, the joy of it radiates from their collective faces."
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Paul Myrvold

Discover Hollywood - Recommended

"...This is all very smart, if at times very silly, stuff and even manages to sneak in some pungent commentary about issues like gender and the state of the legal system. The 80-minute show moved briskly in front of an enthusiastic full 71-seat house on opening night. Particular kudos to jack-of-all-roles Kerr Lordygan, and to Godfrey Flax, who brings wit and great pipes to standout smaller parts."
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Valerie Milano

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