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Boston Court Performing Arts Center
Thru - Jun 30, 2019

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Boston Court Performing Arts Center

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Los Angeles Times- Somewhat Recommended

"...It’s easy to see why Jessica Kubzansky — one of L.A.’s most daring directors of women’s writing — chose to develop “Ladies,” the hit of Boston Court’s New Play Reading Festival last year. But a text that must have seemed quirky and playful in a reading has gone limp and labored onstage. Steinkellner’s regular interruptions of narration quickly become trying. Not only do they call into question the veracity of the Bluestocking story line but they also progressively drain it of interest. It’s hard to feel sympathy for characters you are repeatedly reminded are not real."
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Margaret Gray

Stage Scene LA- Somewhat Recommended

"...An all-female creative team join forces to bring a quartet of mid-18th-century pre-feminist Englishwomen to sporadically intriguing but too often meandering 21st-century life in Kit Steinkellner’s Ladies, a Boston Court Pasadena World Premiere."
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Steven Stanley

Stage Raw- Highly Recommended

"...Some of the strongest moments in this impressionistic narrative are evoked less with words than with the silence between them: one in which Burney removes her clothes to pose nude before Kauffman, and the concluding encounter between these two characters where they contemplate crossing a line — and do not. The other brilliant sequence — two actually — is a conjuring of what these women’s sex lives with their husbands might have been, with Kawa and Leigh depicting the men, who are either clueless and uncaring, or caring — but clueless nonetheless."
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Deborah Klugman

Colorado Boulevard- Highly Recommended

"...All this heavy 'think piece' type work might easily fall flat in lesser hands. But rest assured, these mitts are masterful. Poignant, dramatic, extremely funny and above all intensely human, "Ladies" is an extraordinary play. 'Dynamic' seems too small a word to describe each and every performance. 'Perfect' is fitting, though each actor might still find new moments to shine as the freshly workshopped piece continues its first run all month."
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Melanie Hooks