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  Indecent Reviews

Ahmanson Theatre
Thru - Jul 7, 2019

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Ahmanson Theatre

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Los Angeles Times- Recommended

"...The love “Indecent” bears toward “God of Vengeance” is sometimes tendentious. But in delving into the reactions to Asch’s work, Vogel and Taichman detect the dangerous currents that gave rise to 20th century atrocities. And in the beauty of this “little Jewish play,” director and dramatist find artistic redemption from historical erasure."
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Charles McNulty

LA Daily News- Highly Recommended

"...But "Indecent" is subtle, relying on subtext where needed, though providing directness and visualization where needed. The superb acting is subtle. The exquisite designs are subtle."
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Dany Margolies

Broadway World- Highly Recommended

"...Needless to say, INDECENT now onstage at Center Theatre Group/Ahmanson Theatre in a co-production with Huntington Theatre Company, magnificently directed by Rebecca Taichman, is as close to a Broadway-quality production as you will ever see in the City of Angels"
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Shari Barrett

LA Splash- Highly Recommended

"...Directed by the woman for whom the original historical events became a passion, Tony winner Rebecca Taichman does a brilliant job of helming the story within the context of the multiple environmental factors surrounding these characters - including immigration, World War II, the Holocaust, anti-Semitism, censorship, and a love unacceptable for its time. Kudos to an excellent ensemble cast led by Richard Topol, which plays Lemml, the tailor/stage manager for "God of Vengeance.""
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Elaine Mura

Stage Scene LA- Highly Recommended

"...A gut-punching, all-too relevant look at Antisemitism, censorship, homophobia, anti-immigration hysteria, the Holocaust, and McCarthyism during the first half of the 20th Century, Paula Vogel’s Indecent is also a thought-provoking demonstration of the power of live theater to both inspire and inflame, and for Los Angeles theatergoers, a chance to see the production that scored director Rebecca Taichman a Tony win two years ago."
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Steven Stanley

On Stage Los Angeles- Highly Recommended

"...For all my grousing about The Ahmanson, this play fills the gigantic space to the rafters. The energy of the cast sends us back to reality with a new appreciation for Tradition and the importance of Art! Bring opera glasses and if you have any issues with hearing, free listening devices bring the story intimately to life. "
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Total Theater- Highly Recommended

"...Vogel and director Rebecca Taichman have teamed up to dramatize God of Vengeance's journey in a unique way. The seven cast members, all of whom play multiple roles, are joined on stage by three klezmer musicians. A hybrid musical drama then ensues, with traditional and original Yiddish tunes threaded through the action. There is also a fair amount of dancing (choreographed by David Dorfman), but just when you begin to think Fiddler on the Roof, Indecent takes a dark, grimly serious turn, owing to the impact of the Holocaust. The Nazis killed six million Jews, the major audience for God of Vengeance. But while the killing was going on, the play was still being produced, the last time in 1941 in the Lodz Ghetto where an estimated 160,000 Jews were sealed off from the world. Vogel, Taichman and the cast re-create that deeply moving, painfully real scene with remarkable authenticity and delicacy. Not long after that, Asch, embittered by the murderous destruction of European Jewry, forbade all future productions of God of Vengeance."
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Willard Manus

Cultural Weekly- Highly Recommended

"...Much of the movement is choreographed by David Dorfman, assisted by Sara Gibbons, with a precision and sobriety that has the rigors of a dance piece without exactly being one. It lends a poetic formality that tells us that this is as much a dream as a reconstituted event."
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Sylvie Drake

On Stage and Screen- Recommended

"...Directed by Rebecca Taichman, who won the Tony for her work on this show in 2017, Indecent features a cast of seven, nearly all of whom play many roles, as well as three onstage musicians. Projections (Tal Yarden) offer context and inform the audience when the characters are speaking in Yiddish versus English, and music (Lisa Gutkin and Aaron Halva) is heavily featured throughout the show."
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Erin Conley