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  In Circles at Odyssey Theatre Ensemble

In Circles

Odyssey Theatre Ensemble
2055 S. Sepulveda Blvd Los Angeles

“Papa Dozes, Mama Blows Her Noses.” That’s just one of the delightfully quirky musical numbers from this Obie award-winning musical romp adapted by composer Al Carmines from A Circular Play by Gertrude Stein. Presented as part of Odyssey Theatre Ensemble’s 50th Anniversary “Circa ’69” Season of significant and adventurous plays that premiered around the time of the Odyssey’s 1969 inception, In Circles sets Stein's nonlinear prose, based solely on her pleasure at the way certain words sounded together, to a splendid musical score featuring ragtime, tango, waltz, opera, barbershop quartet, jazz and other musical styles. “A madly meaningful tea party which composer Al Carmines has turned into a gemlike operetta.” — Jack Kroll, Newsweek

Thru - Nov 10, 2019

Price: $32-$37

Show Type: Musical

Box Office: 310-477-2055

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  In Circles Reviews
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Los Angeles Times - Recommended

"...David Schweizer has directed a tantalizing revival at the Odyssey Theatre as part of its 50th anniversary "Circa '69" season. A lush, almost delirious red permeates Mark Guirguis' scenic design. Ann Closs-Farley has dressed the singer-performers in elegant all-white get-ups that are at once old-fashioned and strikingly modern. White makeup eye masks accentuate the otherworldly impression."
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Charles McNulty

Broadway World - Recommended

"...IN CIRCLES is a feast for the eyes, even if the lyrics seem nonsensical at times. Just go with the flow and let the atmosphere of the 1968 theatre scene set your mind free! If only Stein's lover Alice B. Toklas was there to hand out her special recipe brownies to enhance the 80-minute experience!"
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Shari Barrett

LA Splash - Somewhat Recommended

"...As a tribute to Stein’s and Carmines’ talents and the Odyssey’s history, IN CIRCLES clearly fulfills its goal while reminding the audience that the Odyssey Theatre has been around through thick and thin. But be advised that IN CIRCLES may be an acquired taste. It was experimental in its day, and – in some respects – continues to be a different slant on theater. "
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Elaine Mura

Total Theater - Recommended

"...Carmine’s melodious score references many different genres: lullaby, ragtime, ballad, spiritual, even barbershop quartet. Stein’s lyrics also alternate between serious and funny, sarcasm and whimsy, puns and non sequiturs. Schweizer imbues everything with a slightly campy quality, his way of paying tribute to “the excitement of the absurdist and often GAY energy pouring forth from the cafes and makeshift spaces of ‘downtown’ New York City.”"
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Willard Manus

Cultural Weekly - Recommended

"...Predictably-wait for it-there is no there there. No linear plot and not much trackable anything that offers any semblance of one. The result makes for a kind of well-curated vacancy, entirely sustained by these talented artists. The impression, correctly, is that of a period piece playing out of its time, yet faithfully and lovingly representing it."
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Sylvie Drake

Showmag - Recommended

"...The 1960s and 70s ushered in a particularly creative time in New York's Off and Off-Off-Broadway scene. One of the leading lights in that movement was the composer Al Carmines. The Odyssey Theatre Ensemble is offering local theatergoers a rare opportunity to see one of Carmines' most celebrated musicals, In Circles, as a part of their Circa 69 season."
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Michael Van Duzer

Stage Raw - Recommended

"...Accompanied by Grimes on the piano, they sing and dance their way through songs with such odd titles as "Papa Dozes...Mama Blows her Noses," "Messages are Received," "Believe Me to Be an Offender" and "Writing to a Girl." Grimes doesn't miss a note during this 80-minute piece, which showcases a variety of music and dance styles. The ensemble is quite good, their performance augmented by the slick choreography (Kate Coleman). Equally impressive is Chu-Hsuan Chang's lighting schema."
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Lovell Estell III

Peoples World - Recommended

"...That said (and it would be irresponsible not to have said it), the very best spirit of inventiveness and freedom of speech that Gertrude Stein represented is on display now in a stunning performance that holds untold moments of unalloyed, albeit nonlinear pleasure. There's plenty of there there."
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Eric Gordon

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