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  Diana of Dobson's Reviews
Diana of Dobson's
Antaeus Theater

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Broadway World- Highly Recommended

"...Eve Gordon's impeccable comic timing mines the ultimate laughs from her Mrs. Cantelupe's quips. Gordon effortlessly shows the audience all the hard work it takes to be a socialite. One can actually emphasize with Gordon's Mrs. Cantelupe's heavy plight."
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Gil Kaan

LA Splash- Recommended

"...As always, the Antaeus Theatre Company has double cast the play - with the exception of Abigail Marks, who is always Diana. The performance reviewed was the "Pots" cast, and a fine cast they were. DIANA OF DOBSON'S should please most audiences, including those who find historical stories fascinating and those who enjoy jibes at social customs and mores. In keeping with the times, keep an eye out for the happy ending."
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Elaine L. Mura

Stage Scene LA- Highly Recommended

"...Minimum-Wage Worker Goes Wild On 15-Grand Inheritance. If this sounds like the log-line for an upcoming Emma Stone romcom, think again. Playwright Cicely Hamilton came up with this one way back in 1908 when she wrote Diana Of Dobsonís, a largely forgotten frothy romp with feminist teeth now being given a splendiferous 21st-century Antaeus Theatre Company revival."
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Steven Stanley

On Stage Los Angeles- Highly Recommended

"...Written in 1908, Hamlton's story of a woman seeking to better her life has a 21st Century tone. The highly stylized and ever so British presentation emphasizes the hoity toity snobbery of the 'upper' classes and puts them in their place. It's a splendid production, notwithstanding the odd scene change after the short first act. Highly recommended with The Kettles ready in the wings."
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Stage Raw- Somewhat Recommended

"...Unfortunately, this is a jewel of a play not fully realized, largely due to misdirection. The material demands a lighthearted surface, resting on a foundation of realistic, spirited commentary about societyís inequities. Yet Stangl helms the proceedings with a heavy hand, and sets an unvarying pace in which the action too often verges on hysteria."
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Iris Mann