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  Daniel's Husband Reviews
Daniel's Husband
Fountain Theatre

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Los Angeles Times- Recommended

"...“Daniel’s Husband,” an absorbing drama by Michael McKeever that was a hit off-Broadway, explores the debate on same-sex marriage from a less obvious angle. Set in the “perfectly appointed” home of a gay couple, the play examines the conflict between Daniel and Mitchell, committed partners in their 40s who have polarized views on holy matrimony."
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Charles McNulty

Broadway World- Highly Recommended

"...The Fountain Theatre's Southern California premiere of DANIEL'S HUSBAND has brought together a not-oft-enough, ideal convergence of uniformly talent of talents - with witty, realistic, heart-rendering dialogue by playwright Michael McKeever; sturdy, even-paced directing by Simon Levy; first-rate technical elements; and a pitch, pitch-perfect cast of five actors, each at the top of their individual games."
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Gil Kaan

Stage and Cinema- Recommended

"...Daniel’s Husband comes down the pike after a long line of gay-centric plays highlighting the social issues of the day, notably The Boys in the Band, Angels in America, and The Laramie Project. Often these plays illuminate relatable universal themes just as much as they depict gay life specifically. That Daniel’s Husband straddled a significant shift in civil rights while it evolved as a work makes its social outcries against injustice less significant. However, its cautionary message, despite its improbable conceits, is undeniably relevant and universal. Assured is its propensity to move hearts and inspire discussions after the great beginning has seen the final inning."
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Marc Wheeler

Stage Scene LA- Highly Recommended

"...Daniel and Mitchell have been together for seven years. One of them wants to tie the knot. The other does not. And that's about all you need to know before making a beeline for the Fountain Theatre to savor Michael McKeever's laugh-out-loud-then-get-out-your-hankies stunner Daniel's Husband."
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Steven Stanley

On Stage Los Angeles- Recommended

"...Simon Levy's fluid direction is subtle, allowing the progress of each of the characters room for revelations that must be indicated in McKeever's script, but enhanced by the craft of each one of the actors."
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Will Call- Highly Recommended

"...The play evokes the famous theatrical symbol of two masks. One is smiling, the other sad. The mood darkens when tragedy strikes unexpectedly. If you are not moved by this exquisitely written, superbly directed (by Simon Levy ) and excellently performed by the entire cast, your heart is frozen somewhere up in Antarctica!"
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Ingrid Wilmot

Culver City News- Highly Recommended

"...Be prepared to be amazed at the intense and utterly heartbreaking situations, perfectly scripted, acted and directed by this brilliant team, which arise as the question of legal guardianship surfaces. And bring Kleenex. And walk away in awe of this outstanding production sure to be a hit at next year's Ovation Awards."
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Shari Barrett

The Los Angeles Post- Highly Recommended

"...All in all, Daniel's Husband is a terrific show: a cautionary tale for everyone who loves another and is concerned about what life may bring."
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Dan Berkowitz

KCRW- Highly Recommended

"...But these are some of the finest actors in LA and they not only keep things together - they make it all terribly touching. And make small silent moments speak volumes. This is the kind of acting that make intimate theater special. You're not going to see a cast this good in a space this small in other cities."
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Anthony Byrnes

Showmag- Highly Recommended

"...This is a play that resonates long after the final moments. McKeever follows the dramatic ending with a flashback that allows the audience to revisit Daniel and Mitchell in a sweeter moment. Thanks to the fine production, this night of theater stimulates discussion and debate."
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Melinda Schupmann

Stage Raw- Recommended

"...The outstanding performance is O’Hara’s perfect rendering of the less-than-transparent Lydia, whose propensity for control emerges all too clearly as the story develops. Veteran performer E.F. Martin brings a similar spot-on authenticity to Mitch’s friend Barry and delivers some finely-honed moments. Fernando’s young dude is presented as exaggeratedly green at the start (this may be from the writing and/or the direction), but these rough edges fade as his character evolves into an intrinsic element of the narrative."
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Deborah Klugman

Peoples World- Highly Recommended

"...Director Simon Levy has the good fortune of working with the two lead actors who also appeared in the Fountain's 2013 award-winning production of The Normal Heart, which he also directed. McKeever's dialogue is crisp and timely, campy and humorous too, revelatory of the comfortable lifestyle two accomplished professionals, an architect and a writer, have created for themselves. Levy has cast the play perfectly and organized the characters' interrelationships most convincingly."
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Eric Gordon