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  Dames at Sea at Sierra Madre Playhouse

Dames at Sea

Sierra Madre Playhouse
87 W Sierra Madre Blvd Sierra Madre

Ruby gets off the bus from Utah with “nothing but tap shoes in her suitcase and a prayer in her heart.” As fate would have it, she is immediately cast in the chorus of a Broadway show. When the theatre is forced to close, Ruby’s songwriting sailor boyfriend persuades the Captain of his ship to allow the show to move on deck. Voila! Dames at sea! When the show’s lead gets seasick, Ruby may have to go on for her. Will Ruby come back a star? Do you need to ask?

Thru - Aug 3, 2019

Fridays: 8:00pm
Saturdays: 8:00pm
Sundays: 2:30pm

Price: $45

Show Type: Musical

Box Office: 626-355-4318

  Dames at Sea Reviews
  • Highly Recommended
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  • Somewhat Recommended
  • Not Recommended

Broadway World - Highly Recommended

"...Casting is spot on. Starring as Ruby, Katie Franquiera fills the role with all the right stuff. She's a delightful, sassy, hard-working gal from Utah, fresh off the bus that has big dreams and loads of spunk. With "nothing but tap shoes in her suitcase and a prayer in her heart," as fate would have it, she is immediately cast in the chorus of a Broadway show."
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Valerie-Jean Miller

Stage and Cinema - Somewhat Recommended

"...A a golly-gee-gosh gusher, Aaron Shaw, and a pint-sized firecracker, Ruben Bravo, embody the archetypes of the leading man Dick and his slightly more down-market pal Lucky. In the dual role of the producer and the ship captain, Chuck McLane is strong-voiced, but a bit loud and manic. The songs are referential (and reverential) to the Warner Bros. musicals without actually being very funny or imaginative (the lyrics can be downright trite) but the voices here are quite lovely, which is definitely a very big plus, backed up by a smoking hot Sean Paxton on piano."
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Tony Frankel

Stage Scene LA - Highly Recommended

"...With its clever blend of nostalgia, camp, romance, melody, laughter, and dance, it's hard to imagine a more scrumdiddlyumptious musical theater treat than Dames At Sea, one of the best and most entertaining summer musicals ever to light up the Sierra Madre Playhouse stage."
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Steven Stanley

Stage Raw - Somewhat Recommended

"...Music is, of course, another chief component to Dames at Sea. At least half of the fourteen featured numbers do nothing to advance the plot. Originally written as a short sketch, the material seems as though it may have been better off remaining brief and to the point. However, this two-hour version is frankly tiring. Although the full-length Off-Broadway version made Bernadette Peters a star in 1968, times have changed. The production flopped when it made its Broadway premiere in 2015, and it's not very hard to see why. By today's standards, there just isn't enough substance for a long show. Although director Joshua Finkel's choice to use a smaller, more intimate cast helps the problem, it doesn't quite solve it."
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Lara J. Altunian

Accessibly Live Off-Line - Recommended

"...It's been said that for every burned out bulb found on a theater marque, it means that another Broadway hopeful gets their heart broken. DAMES AT SEA may not have many burnt bulbs because it shines through! And did we say it has a happy ending? After all, it's a musical, not a gangster feature! In the latter, those mugs wind up either shot dead on sent up the river to Sing-Sing! But that's for another musical, and for another review!"
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Rich Borowy

Colorado Boulevard - Highly Recommended

"...SMP has successfully staged a big show on a small stage (effectively including the theater aisles as part of the set) and our senses are delighted with the impressive tap-dancing skills, comedic timing, and vocal talent that bring it all together. Ruby, fresh off the bus from Utah with only tap shoes in her suitcase and dreams of becoming a Broadway star in her heart. The universe smiles on her and she gets immediately cast in a show. However, the theater is closing, the show has no venue, and for a split second all is lost. But the universe steps in again, and sailors and their captain (also talented performers as luck would have it), bend the rules and produce the show on their ship. Oh! I almost forgot - the lead singer/dancer of course is semi-incapacitated due to sea sickness, so Ruby moves quickly from dancer to star."
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Carol Edger Germain

Its Not About Me - Highly Recommended

"...This entire triple-threat cast is talented, especially all three females (Jennifer Knox, Marissa Mayer, and Katie Franqueira,) who are all superb tap dancers with excellent voices and quality comedic skills. Each one excels at one of those skills, (Jennifer at comedy, Marissa at singing, and Katie at dancing,) so they make for a perfect blend of performers."
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Karen Salkin

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