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The Living Room: A Comedy of Grief Jun 9 - Jun 27, 2019  
Theatre of NOTE The Living Room:  A Comedy of Grief
Confined to The Living Room, these two Accountants of Death work tirelessly to record the death toll, while the occupational hazards wear on these two clowns as they learn the meaning of life and death. It makes for an absurd and physical jaunt brimming with existential phone calls, impaired dancing and the love of a goldfish.
I'm Jennifer Mother F*cking Lawrence Jun 9 - Jun 29, 2019  
McCadden Place Theatre I'm Jennifer Mother F*cking Lawrence
From the ridiculous mind of Writer/Director Cole Quirk comes a story of overcoming fears, no matter how rational, or irrational, they may be. I’m Jennifer Mother F*cking Lawrence takes you to a Hawaiian bungalow to experience a rollercoaster of emotions as actresses Jennifer Lawrence and Rose Byrne team up to face off against an eight legged monster.
If We Run Jun 9 - Jun 28, 2019  
Lounge Theatre If We Run
If We Run is the world premiere of acclaimed, multi-Fringe award-winning playwright Matt Morillo's latest play, a romantic comedy/drama about a former couple who seemed to have it all but lost it somewhere along the way.
All Our Pretty Songs Jun 9 - Jun 29, 2019  
Studio C Artists All Our Pretty Songs
In this new play, Neil, a mediocre musician and Kurt Cobain wannabe, moves to Los Angeles to “make it” as a rockstar. Through the constant ups and downs of LA living, Neil struggles between pursuing his passions or taking the practical path in life. Should he keep chasing his dreams or stop? This 60 minute three-person show explores idealism vs. cynicism, the practicality of pursuing art in a capitalist society, and millennials’ struggle with mental health.
Fertile Jun 9 - Jun 29, 2019  
Lounge Theatre Fertile
In Fertile, we meet Jenny, a woman with a plan - a plan to get pregnant. Everyone keeps telling her that time is running out; she just turned 35, after all. So, when those urine tests keep coming back negative, Jenny decides to take action and fix the problem. That’s when she runs into real problems…and real questions about fertility and motherhood. As Jenny faces the world of “mom options” – egg freezing, in-vitro, adoption, and more – the conversation about the expectation of procreation really begins. In a sea of outside opinions from her friends, her doctors, a beloved neighbor, and even God, Jenny must ultimately look within to discover what motherhood means to her, what it means to be fertile.
Love, Madness, and Somewhere In Between Jun 9 - Jun 23, 2019  
Hudson Theatre Love, Madness, and Somewhere In Between
Love, Madness, And Somewhere In Between is a no holds barred glimpse into a mystical journey filled with love, pain, insanity and redemption. Scattered along the way is a sprinkling of ironic comic commentary that can only come from a true survivor. “Jimmy” is not so much a hero but more a human being traversing an abusive childhood, a descent into alcoholism and finally plunging into a world of fantastical personification which dwell amidst humanity’s darkest sins. Does Pure Love in fact transform and redeem, or are some lives beyond salvation?
H*ll's Finest Jun 9 - Jun 29, 2019  
The Colony Theatre H*ll's Finest
A sadist, a murderer, and a predator, all share one common goal: to become the leader of the finest cult, the Ascendants of Abaddon. There’s only one problem. In order to obtain this position, they must go up against each other in a riveting competition to impress the cult’s current leader: Adam. He’s spectacularly charming and possesses the uncanny ability to influence all those who cross his path. With secrets spilled and matches met, the three contestants grow more and more daring with their desperate attempts to gain total power. However, no matter what happens, no matter who lies and who cheats, Adam always calls the final shots.
Crabbe and Goyle Jun 9 - Jun 30, 2019  
Studio Stage Crabbe and Goyle
Crabbe and Goyle Are Dead is a world premiere absurd comedy exploring the existential crises happening off-stage during a very famous, and equally tumultuous, seven-year span at everyone’s favorite school of witchcraft and wizardry.
The School of Night Jun 9 - Jun 29, 2019  
The Complex The School of Night
Seldom in the annals of legend and song has a conqueror’s rise been so meteoric as that of the emperor Tamburlaine. Born a lowly shepherd he has risen to renown as dread bandit-warlord of the Central Plains of planet Qo’noS. By winning and enlisting the Imperial army dispatched to kill him, he has defeated and dethroned the emperor Mycetes. Now Emperor Tamburlaine pushes out from Qo’noS in a bloody spasm of conquest, world after world falling before the self-proclaimed Scourge of God. But across the Neutral Zone, the Romulan Empire watches warily. Fearful, they forge an alliance with a former foe ... the Federation. And so the stage is set for the ultimate battle, a clash to determine who rules the galaxy. Can the Romulans and Federation bury past hatreds? And if so, can they hope to stand against the raging martial tide of Tamburlaine? The School of Night is proud to present Christopher Marlowe’s medieval pageant of will, war and conquest re-imagined as epic sci-fi spectacle. Tragedy! Romance! Mighty verse! Great battles waged on land and in space! Honor and glory! Qapla’!
Falling On Deaf Eyes Jun 9 - Jun 23, 2019  
McCadden Place Theatre Falling On Deaf Eyes
"Falling On Deaf Eyes" is an autobiographical comedy about a single Deaf mother raising a family of teenage punk rockers in a small town. This unique production is an exciting multi-media theatrical experience incorporating music, sign language, storytelling, and theatrical visuals, with a team of sign language interpreters to ensure access to the deaf and hard of hearing. While hugely entertaining and accessible to families, music fans, the literary community, and beyond, “Falling on Deaf Eyes” will also educate and inform the general public about American Sign Language and some of the daily issues facing the deaf and hard of hearing community.
A Year In Dragonfly Jun 9 - Jun 28, 2019  
Studio C Artists A Year In Dragonfly
World Premier of A Year in Dragonfly is the true survival story of one woman’s journey after being brutally attacked by her newlywed husband. Using all original poetry and music, Austin Musick shares her navigation back from the darkest corners of fear, shame, and depression as she finds a way to no longer tread the water’s of a painful past and begins to fly in the present towards the bright horizon of the future. From nymph in water to dragon in sky. Appropriate for audiences 16+
Tobincon Jun 9 - Jun 28, 2019  
Stephanie Feury Studio (SFS) Theatre Tobincon
Actor and comedian Tobin Mitnick sheds light on three con men that are using their style-savvy to manipulate a generation of young Americans through the unregulated Wild West that is the Internet. In its world premiere, one-man comedy TOBINCON dives into the grotesque and hilarious world of online grifters—the Body Prophet, the Rhetorical Bad Boy, and the Compassionologist—with sketch and stand-up, in order to show us that the game may have changed, but the players are all still here. But Mitnick also answers a lingering question: When you spend so much time rubbing shoulders with these types, will it rub off on you? In other words, can you con yourself?
My Trans Wife Jun 9 - Jun 29, 2019  
The Complex My Trans Wife
“My Trans Wife,” a two-woman drama about love, authenticity and transformation, is premiering at the 2019 Hollywood Fringe Festival.
The Poetry Brothel: Weird Wilde Pride Jun 9  
El Cid The Poetry Brothel:  Weird Wilde Pride
For those who are new to the concept, The Poetry Brothel is an interactive poetry experience set up as a decadent fin de siècle brothel. Poets performing under pseudonyms offer private, one-on-one readings of their original work in candlelit back rooms…for money. The main room presents an immersive literary cabaret that fuses poetry, burlesque, live music, vaudeville, aerials, performance art, visual art, magic, and mysticism. The Poetry Brothel was created in New York City in 2007 by Stephanie Berger and Nicholas Adamski. Now, the troupe has a permanent home in LA, tours nationally, and has sister chapters in cities all over the world. The event is 21+
Hoboken Jun 9 - Jun 27, 2019  
The Complex Hoboken
Jack and Erica find love after a one-night stand which leaves them hopelessly trying to uncover more of each other. Erica who wants to be a famous actress and Jack, a mysterious Irishman, has the money to make her dreams come true – until a Russian screenplay, two million dollars in unmarked bills and taboo desires threaten to tear them apart. How much is too much?
The Circle Table Jun 9 - Jun 23, 2019  
The Circle Table
“The Circle Table” explores vignettes threading characters and relationships via FaceTime calls and asks: how does digital communication hamper or enhance love, family, depression, self-exploration, and fulfillment?. A formerly dorky actor reconnects with a high school crush. A friend group falters when their pal goes to a different college. That pal is clinically depressed. An aspiring fashion blogger tries not to bum out her mother. A temporarily long-distance couple flubs FaceTime sex.
Two Girls, One Improbable Friendship Jun 10 - Jun 29, 2019  
Stephanie Feury Studio (SFS) Theatre Two Girls, One Improbable Friendship
Sorry About My Friend is making its premiere run at this year’s Hollywood Fringe Festival. Inspired by true events, the play follows the journey of college students, Danielle and Katie, through their explosive years as roommates in a small Texas town from 2006-2010. This quirky odd couple, with perfectionist Katie and wild child Danielle, learn even a fast friendship has its hiccups. A dramedy in eight vignettes, clocking in at an hour. Sorry About My Friend visits the fall and spring semesters of each year of college.

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