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Slow Thunder
Slow Thunder Oct 19 - Nov 12, 2023

Welcome to Vieux Carre where, on a soft autumn evening, time stands still, and everything that's risen - or fallen - converges when her not-quite-ex, Peter, appears uninvited at Jewel's door. She's not pleased to see him and, with the arrival of her friends Rob and Bird, the quartet's chemistry - a volatile cocktail of loss and longing, vulnerability, and desire - jars the precarious balance and counterbalance of love and friendship.

The Sound of Music
The Sound of Music Oct 20 - Nov 5, 2023
Musical Theatre West at Carpenter Performing Arts Center

A story of hope in the face of rising horrors, this final collaboration between Richard Rodgers & Oscar Hammerstein II has become known and loved throughout the world. Maria, a free-spirited postulant, is sent to serve as a governess to seven motherless children. Using patience, kindness, and The Sound of Music, she ultimately wins the hearts of both the children and their father, but the family must soon make the unthinkable choice and flee their homeland.

Sally Spectre: The Musical
Sally Spectre: The Musical Oct 20 - Oct 29, 2023

Sally Spectre: the Musical tells the story of the ghost of five-year-old Sally. She's been stuck - alone in the purgatorial bedroom of the New Orleans Victorian mansion in which she was gruesomely murdered nearly fifty years ago! Naturally, the netherworld has had an interesting effect on little Sally- and her increasingly dark imagination has taken over almost everything that surrounds her.

Reset Oct 21 - Nov 20, 2023

Chernobyl. A man takes part in a secret new life-changing treatment that promises he will attain his "best self." But what he thinks is a self-help retreat turns into a mind-bending quantum physics experiment that will reveal the devastating truths of what the future actually holds for him. Could his "best self" be the key to mankind's salvation?

A Raisin in the Sun
A Raisin in the Sun Oct 22 - Nov 12, 2023

This groundbreaking drama changed the American theatre forever, breaking down barriers on and off stage. Each of the Youngers, a Black family, has a different view of how to spend their father's life insurance settlement to better the family. Will they open a business, send Beneatha to medical school or move to an all-white suburb? Praised for its "vigor as well as veracity" by the New York Times, this masterpiece seeks answers to the still-relevant questions posed in Langston Hughes' poem Harlem: What happens to a dream deferred?

Spring Awakening
Spring Awakening Oct 26 - Nov 19, 2023

The revolutionary Tony Award winning best musical that took the world by storm. In 1891 Germany, repressed, adolescent students stumble into adulthood as clumsily as they do into each other's arms. With obstinate parents unwilling to guide them, young Melchior and Wendla explore their desires for each other, while Melchior's dear friend Moritz fumbles dangerously through his own coming-of-age. This generation-defining musical is a rock anthem to all the "guilty ones," poignantly exploring the dark, passionate, and twisting journey from adolescence to adulthood.

Inherit the Wind
Inherit the Wind Nov 1 - Nov 26, 2023

Two of the nation's leading lawyers go head-to-head in the ultimate battle of wit, wisdom, and will in this powerful drama. With freedom of speech hanging in the balance, will this small-town courtroom bring us together or tear the nation apart? In a fresh production boldly reimagined for today, Inherit the Wind will make you rethink what you know and dare you to question just how much society has evolved.

Jerry Seinfeld and Jim Gaffigan
Jerry Seinfeld and Jim Gaffigan Nov 4

For the first time ever, renowned comedians Jerry Seinfeld and Jim Gaffigan are joining forces to embark on a comedy tour this fall. The tour, which is set to be a short one, will only include four stops, with one of them being at the Kia Forum. This tour is a unique opportunity for comedy lovers to witness two of the industry's most celebrated comedians sharing the stage. With their distinct comedic styles and shared history, Seinfeld and Gaffigan are sure to deliver a series of unforgettable performances.

Freight: The Five Incarnations of Abel Green
Freight: The Five Incarnations of Abel Green Nov 9 - Dec 16, 2023

J. Alphonse Nicholson (Broadway's Tony award-winning A Soldier's Play; co-star P-Valley on Starz; Netflix's They Cloned Tyrone) reprises his off-Broadway, tour-de-force star turn as five versions of an African American everyman who travels through time in different incarnations, including a 19th Century minstrel, a faith healer, an FBI informant, a struggling actor and an out-of-work mortgage broker. In each life, Abel is guided, distracted, helped or hindered by a handful of characters with whom his destiny is forever intertwined. We meet each new iteration of Abel Green on a train, which changes in appearance in accordance with each time period and serves as a link between dimensions.

The Talented Tenth
The Talented Tenth Nov 9 - Dec 10, 2023
The Robey Theatre Company at The Los Angeles Theatre Center

The Talented Tenth is a classic of Black American dramatic literature. First produced in 1989, it is relevant enough that its narrative could be set in 2023. The play borrows its title from a 1903 article by scholar, activist and social reformer W.E.B. DuBois, in which he described the likelihood of one in ten Black men becoming leaders of Black people by continuing their education, writing books, or becoming directly involved in social change.

Beautiful: The Carole King Musical
Beautiful: The Carole King Musical Nov 10 - Dec 3, 2023

Follow the inspiring true story of Carole King's remarkable rise to stardom - from being part of a hit songwriting team with her husband Gerry Goffin to becoming one of the most successful solo acts in popular music history. Along the way, she wrote the soundtrack to a generation, with countless classics like "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman," "Take Good Care of My Baby," "You've Got a Friend," "So Far Away," "It Might as Well Rain Until September," "Up on the Roof," and "The Loco-motion." Don't miss this smash Broadway hit!

Mama Mama Can't You See
Mama Mama Can't You See Nov 10 - Dec 10, 2023
Coin & Ghost at Studio Stage

There is no "I" or "me" in combat. Dangerously imaginative Coin & Ghost theater company presents Mama Mama Can't You See, an explosive new play about human connection and the mythology of war. Highly physical, sensual, funny, angry and surreal, Mama Mama is inspired by playwright Stan Mayer's life as a U.S. Marine. But don't get it twisted: this is not a play about war. Rather, it's a play about how to tell a war story.

Mamma Mia
Mamma Mia Nov 14 - Dec 3, 2023

MAMMA MIA! is the ultimate feel-good show that has audiences coming back again and again to relive the thrill. Now it's your turn to have the time of your life at this smash-hit musical that combines ABBA's greatest hits, including "Dancing Queen," "S.O.S.," "Super Trouper," "Take A Chance on Me" and "The Winner Takes It All," with an enchanting tale of love, laughter and friendship. Whether it's your first visit or your fourteenth, see the show that has the whole world coming back for more, because every time feels like the first time at MAMMA MIA!

Dog Man: The Musical
Dog Man: The Musical Nov 21 - Jan 7, 2024

Based on the worldwide bestselling hit series by Dav Pilkey, Dog Man: The Musical is a hilarious and heartwarming new production following the chronicles of Dog Man, who with the head of a dog and the body of a policeman, loves to fight crime and chew on the furniture. But while trying his best to be a good boy, can he save the city from Flippy the cyborg fish and his army of Beasty Buildings? Can he catch Petey, the world's most evil cat, who has cloned himself to exact revenge on the doggy do-gooder? And will George and Harold finish their show before lunchtime ?? Find out in this epic musical adventure featuring the hilarity and heart of beloved characters from Dav Pilkey, the creator of Captain Underpants and Cat Kid Comic Club.

The Secret Garden, the Musical
The Secret Garden, the Musical Nov 24 - Dec 23, 2023

Based on the popular children's book of the same name, The Secret Garden follows the story of Mary Lennox, a young British girl born and raised in Colonial India. When the 11-year-old's parents die in a cholera outbreak, she is sent to Yorkshire to live with a reclusive uncle, his invalid son - and a host of ghosts, spirits, and lost souls inhabiting Mary's new home. With the help of the spirits, Mary and a young gardener uncover the mystery of the manor's magical garden, bringing life to the neglected estate as Mary's own personality blossoms alongside the flowers. Filled with amazing music, elegant choreography, and a heartwarming story of forgiveness and renewal, The Secret Garden is the quintessential holiday musical for all ages.

Cori Cable Kidder's Holiday Spectacular. A 1940s Christmas Revue
Cori Cable Kidder's Holiday Spectacular. A 1940s Christmas Revue Nov 24 - Dec 23, 2023

Cori is back again in 2023 in Cori Cable Kidder's Holiday Spectacular: A 1940s Christmas Revue. The particular decade was a rich one for memorable songs remembered fondly decades later. The first half of the decade reflected the fact that so many of our brave young men and women were overseas, fighting to ensure that a free America would endure. The second half of the Forties celebrated an America flush with victory, with a booming economy, a booming population and a vision of an ever-brighter future. The music was performed by crooners, small combos and big bands. The songs touched upon the world at war (Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, We'll Meet Again, I'll Be Seeing You), marked our coming home (It's Been a Long, Long Time), and celebrated the holidays (White Christmas, The Christmas Song, Let It Snow!). The music varied from ballads to boogie to swing. Some of it we call The Great American Songbook and much of it we still want to hear when the holidays approach.

A Christmas Carol
A Christmas Carol Nov 25 - Dec 24, 2023

A holiday tradition cherished by many in Orange County returns once again! From the first " Bah humbug" to the final " Wassail," this timeless tale is sure to fill you with holiday cheer. All your favorite Dickens characters will be there-Tiny Tim and the Cratchit family, the Fezziwigs, the Ghosts of Christmas past, present and future, and of course the surly Ebenezer Scrooge, played by SCR Founding Member Richard Doyle. Don't miss it!