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Britain Invades LA: A Lip-Sync Battle Mystery Show Sep 29  
The Complex Britain Invades LA:  A Lip-Sync Battle Mystery Show
The Sunday Night Mystery Show is a monthly performance of a play the actors have never read. When they flub a line, they take a drink. This month’s episode is entitled Britain Invades LA. Cheer, boo and laugh as your favorite British musicians face off with the greatest American entertainers of the 1960s and today in a lip-sync battle to the death! The Sunday Night Mystery Show is an unrehearsed and drunken parody show. Some actors will be cast from the audience. Performers will read their scripts on stage, and nobody knows how it’s going to end.
Hans: Like A German Sep 29  
Lyric Hyperion Theatre Hans:  Like A German
After his sensation America’s Got Talent season, he triumphantly conquered international stage and screen. Now the glamorous, global superstar Hans is on the road. It’s an accordion-pumping, foot-stomping, glittering comedy cabaret blitzkrieg! Hilarious Hans will have you slapping your thighs so hard, you’ll think it’s Oktoberfest.
Cabaret Oct 2 - Oct 3, 2019  
Carpenter Performing Arts Center Cabaret
Enjoy an evening of cabaret at Club Carpenter, the Carpenter Center’s most intimate performance experience, with table seating on the stage less than 40 feet from the artist. These special shows feature a rotating selection of cabaret, jazz and Broadway talent.
Operation AJax Oct 3 - Oct 27, 2019  
Little Fish Theatre Operation AJax
The true story about a 1953 CIA covert operation surrounding the plan to overthrow the Prime Minister of Iran.
Measure To Measure Oct 3 - Oct 20, 2019  
The New Vic Measure To Measure
One of William Shakespeare’s most beguiling plays dramatizes one of his more infamous bargains: a young woman’s virginity in exchange for her brother’s life. This story of tyrannical authority, sexual power, and gender politics is especially resonant in today’s #MeToo culture. Set in a contemporary landscape, this production examines Shakespeare’s enduring question of why “some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall.”
Mono/Poly Oct 3 - Nov 3, 2019  
Odyssey Theatre Ensemble Mono/Poly
Two monogamous couples encounter a polyamorous triad at a costume party. The triad becomes entwined in the business and personal lives of the first two couples, forcing them to examine their long-held beliefs about love and marriage. Although sexually free, the members of the triad adhere to their own fairly rigid ethical code. Who’s moral now? Will the couples and the triad live happily ever after? Although the new sex comedy Mono/poly does not contain nudity, there are frank discussions of sexuality, straight and gay, with some suggestive depiction. This play is suggested for audiences 18 to Adult.
The Mystery of Irma Vep - A Penny Dreadful Oct 4 - Nov 10, 2019  
Actors Co-op Theatre The Mystery of Irma Vep - A Penny Dreadful
Enter into the longer nights of autumn with The Mystery of Irma Vep, a hilarious fright fest, complete with a cast of monsters and an Egyptian princess. This two-actor, multi-character show will spellbind audiences with its nod to the classic Gothic melodramas and early fright flicks of the ’30s and ’40s.
Assisted Living: The Musical Oct 4 - Oct 5, 2019  
Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza Assisted Living:  The Musical
Forget everything your granny told you about Assisted Living! Assisted Living: The Musical® is a one-act vaudevillian revue filled with original songs. It delivers laughs from the opening scene, when the show’s host couple enters heaven, suspecting their son pulled the plug to get his hands-on Dad’s vintage Corvette. They don’t seem to mind. Instead, the couple fondly remembers Pelican Roost, an active, full-ser­vice retirement community, where 70-something is the new 20-something, and they party like it’s 1969!
Urban Death Tour of Terror: Zombie Joe's Hunted Theatre Attraction Oct 4 - Nov 2, 2019  
Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre Urban Death Tour of Terror:  Zombie Joe's Hunted Theatre Attraction
Urban Death Tour of Terror is a series of short vignettes illustrating macabre images of horror meant to disturb, discomfit, thrill, shock and sometimes make you laugh at the absurdity. This walk-through, maze-like show is not for the faint-of-heart, but is fantastic entertainment for daring adventurers ready to delve into an avant-garde world of inexplicable horrors, unfathomable monstrosities and the disturbed spirits that walk among us. From the lighting — and then the deep, dark lack of it — to the spooky score, effects and costumes, Urban Death Tour of Terror plunges you into its terrifying, alternative underworld. If you’re thinking you’ve seen it all before, think again — Underground Theatre Group brings you an all-new show for 2019. This show is recommended for ages 16 and older.
Neil Simon's Musical Fools Oct 4 - Nov 17, 2019  
Atwater Village Theatre Neil Simon's Musical Fools
A hilarious musical adaptation of the Neil Simon play, Fools, with book and lyrics by Simon, and music and lyrics by Phil Swann and Ron West (deLEARious, The People Vs Friar Laurence). In 1893 Ukraine, a young tutor arrives in Kulyenchikov after a harrowing journey — only to discover that the village is cursed, rendering every resident as dumb as a bag of rocks. Will he fall victim to the curse, or can he save himself and the village too?
Pressure Oct 4 - Oct 6, 2019  
The James Bridges Theater Pressure
“How can the weather ever be boring?” A Scottish meteorologist locks horns with his American counterpart as both men try to convince General Dwight D. Eisenhower that they can accurately predict the atmospheric conditions needed to launch the greatest amphibious assault in the history of mankind — the D-Day invasion. This American premiere is directed by Martin Jarvis OBE, starring Andre Sogliuzzo, Darren Richardson and Matt Wolf.
A History of World War II Oct 4 - Oct 26, 2019  
The Broadwater A History of World War II
After successful runs at The United Solo Festival NYC, Pangea NYC, The Marsh San Francisco, and The Marsh Berkeley, multi award-winning actor/playwright and Theatre Rhinoceros Artistic Director John Fisher’s acclaimed solo show A History of World War II: The D-Day Invasion to the Fall of Berlin will play at The Broadwater Black Box in Los Angeles. Offering a compendium of facts about WWII from the bungled plot to assassinate Hitler (“A mess! Organized by a bunch of loser bureaucrats!”) to the big secret – how the Russians won the war for us (“They did all the work!”), this lauded production also surveys the best books on the topic, as well as the most attractive generals who fought the battles and the hottest actors who played them in the movies. Capturing the Best Actor award from the 2017 United Solo Festival, this highly entertaining work also demonstrates how WWII helped Fisher win boyhood battles with his older brother.
Pressure Oct 4 - Oct 6, 2019  
UCLA Campus Pressure
Pressure — Jonathan Cake (The Affair, Desperate Housewives) stars as Scottish meteorologist James Stagg in the U.S. premiere of David Haig’s intense, real life thriller. It’s June, 1944 — just 72 hours prior to the D Day landings — and Stagg is advising General Eisenhower on the weather conditions likely to prevail when 350,000 troops are to be sent across the Channel in Operation Overlord. But with Stagg predicting severe storms and Irving P. Krick — Hollywood’s meteorological movie consultant — predicting beautiful weather, the future of Britain, Europe and the United States rests on one single forecast.
Watching Paint Dry Oct 4 - Oct 5, 2019  
Bootleg Theater Watching Paint Dry
Watching Paint Dry focuses on Eloise Esteban, a visual artist who despite garnering critical and financial acclaim has never left the confines of her home due to an illness. Her only contact with the outside is her promoter, Dr. Thomas, who has raised and conditioned her to be as productive as possible. Eloise is content in this existence but recent events begin to cause her to question the authenticity of her curated existence. The play’s tone walks a tightrope of comedy and drama; stylized yet oppressively real.
On an Average Day Oct 4 - Oct 20, 2019  
The Complex On an Average Day
The action is set in the kitchen of a small house in upstate New York, the home of the acutely lonely Robert. The place is piled high with old newspapers, and something is rotting so horribly in the fridge that the simple task of extracting a beer poses a major health risk. Robert is clearly in desperate trouble. Then his older brother Jack arrives, as neat and controlled as his sibling is wild and unraveled. On an Average Day is a mystery play, a moving psychological drama and a black comedy, a thrill ride full of twists and turns. A West End hit starring Woody Harrelson and Kyle MacLachlan, written by John Kolvenbach. This is the Los Angeles premiere, starring Drew Kenney (Veronica Mars, Adam Ruins Everything, The Ellen Show, The Bachelorette_) and James Liddell (_Killer Kids, Two Ways to Go West, Mountain). Directed by Daniel Travis, Produced by Anne Kathryn Parma and Drew Kenney.
The Adventures of Peter Rabbit Oct 5 - Mar 22, 2020  
Theatre West The Adventures of Peter Rabbit
Storybook Theatre's version of Beatrix Potter’s classic tale is hopping into Theatre West this Fall. As always at Storybook, there will be plenty of audience participation and singing and dancing. You can even expect audience members to join in a special version of “The Bunny Hop.” This funny version is specifically created to appeal to children and the whole family.
Love In Bloom Oct 5 - Nov 23, 2019  
Santa Monica Playhouse Love In Bloom
Santa Monica Playhouse presents its acclaimed musical hit Love In Boom, the “captivating” ( garden of a thousand and one theatrical delights returns to celebrate its 10th anniversary to insure that all's well that ends as you like it. Santa Monica Mirror calls Love In Bloom “an upbeat romp.” “Delightful whimsy… a bold ambitious piece of musical theatre” says the L.A. Weekly. Magic and mayhem, fops and fairies, mistaken identity, romance and humor abound in this tongue-firmly-in-cheek evening of theatre. The eight-member cast, in the renowned Actors’ Repertory Theatre commedia-carnival style, creates a host of over thirty characters, bringing to the stage all the stuff that dreams (and musicals) are made on. “As homage to Shakespeare, master of pantomime Marcel Marceau, Commedia dell’arte and conventions of classical theater in general, it soars. And by the time the lights fade to black, you will not be able to fight the feeling that all you need is love.” UCLA Daily Bruin

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