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  Come From Away Reviews
Come From Away
Ahmanson Theatre

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Los Angeles Times- Highly Recommended

"...“Come From Away” doesn’t need a perfect production to work. The staging at the Ahmanson, good enough to get the job done, more than satisfies the hunger for uplifting goodness that has made this musical such a runaway hit."
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Charle McNulty

LA Daily News- Highly Recommended

"...But even if you know the story well, you still might become misty-eyed at the beauty of the staging. Under Christopher Ashley's direction, each of 12 actors plays a townsperson or two, plus more than one "come from away" (yes, that's a noun on the island). Their crisp characterizations, including delightful, easy-to-understand accent work, firmly reminds us that beneath nationality and religiosity all hearts beat the same way."
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Dany Margolies

Stage and Cinema- Highly Recommended

"...With book, music and lyrics by married couple Irene Sankoff and David Hein — Torontonians themselves — Come from Away truly embodies the spirit of Canada’s denizens as I’ve come to know them: Generous, authentically nice people with little sense of entitlement. Under Christopher Ashley’s seamlessly fluid direction on Beowulf Boritt’s minimal set, there are many stories crisscrossing each other as 12 adaptable thespians portray dozens of folks — both homebound and dispossessed — with the switch of an accent or a hat (the quick-change costumes are by Toni-Leslie James)."
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Tony Frankel

Musicals In LA- Highly Recommended

"...My one big recommendation this holiday season is an easy one - go see Come From Away at the Ahmanson. That's it. The world's a tough place right now and this musical will restore your faith in humanity in every way possible. Best of all, it doesn't do it with glitz and tricks and over-the-top extravaganza. It does it by telling a story of simple people with good hearts whose kindness during a horrific disaster serves as an inspiration for us all."
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Ellen Dostal

Total Theater- Highly Recommended

"...Come from Away, which is now playing at the Ahmanson as part of its national tour, has a cast of a dozen actors who each play multiple roles, switching from townsperson to tourist and back with astonishing ease and swiftness. They also sing and dance the whole time, powered by Sankoff and Hein's hard-driving, Gaelic-flavored musical score. The result is a production that mixes showmanship and pizzazz with the darkness and pain of 9/ll."
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Willard Manus

Cultural Weekly- Highly Recommended

"...Come From Away was developed in many places, but it had its world premiere at the La Jolla Playhouse. It was then - and still is - boisterously directed by La Jolla's Artistic Director, Christopher Ashley. Musical arrangements and supervision are by Ian Eisendrath and the musical staging is by Kelly Devine."
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Sylvie Drake

KCRW- Recommended

"...Dramaturgically, it's a fascinating structure. The musical uses 9/11 as a sort of unifying counterweight. It's enormity and import need only be hinted at to create a profound pathos. Delicately, the show refers to the events without overly exploiting them - allowing our own memories to fill in critical details (and importantly for a Broadway show, making it fairly family friendly)."
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Anthony Byrnes

Haines His Way- Highly Recommended

"...The writing is exemplary and Christopher Ashley has done a superb job of directing. This show looks so simple yet must have been so difficult to work on to make all the pieces fit together so perfectly. He elicits wonderfully nuanced performances from his cast as they create a multitude of characters. Beowulf Boritt's simple and extremely effective scenic design consists of a slatted wood back wall, a few trees and a turntable."
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Rob Stevens

On Stage and Screen- Highly Recommended

"...Come From Away is that rare show that strikes a chord and reminds us of the power of theater to move and transform. There is just something so special about both the story and the raw, organic way in which it is told. The expertly crafted 90 minutes practically fly by, the emotional impact sneaking up on the viewer until you cannot remember precisely when you started to cry. This musical does not need flash; it does not need huge production numbers or sparkly costumes. It has something much more important-it genuinely captures the power of the human spirit in times of crisis, reminding us all that even when it may seem like the world is ending, somewhere in a tiny town no one has heard of people are performing selfless acts that will affect generations to come."
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Erin Conley

On Stage Blog- Highly Recommended

"..."Come From Away" will have you walking out of the theatre with a warm heart and hope that we as a nation, even in the worst times, can come together to selflessly love thy neighbor no matter what country, religion or gender."
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Jill Weinlein