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  Cleo, Theo and Wu Reviews
Cleo, Theo and Wu
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Los Angeles Times- Somewhat Recommended

"...She and the 12 other cast members draw laughs, though more for their delivery than the lines themselves, and the piece does arrive, toward the end, at a moment of powerful insight. But for most of the long, strange trip there, we watch in puzzlement, itching for moments of clarity that might help us answer our own questions about what led the world to its current state and what lessons might have been learned from women if only history hadn't all but written them out of the narrative."
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Daryl H. Miller

Stage Raw- Somewhat Recommended

"...But overall thereís no getting past the productionís not-ready-for-prime-time script, with its fractured narrative, its surplus of fragmented dialogue, and its hour and 40 minutes intermission-less length. The scenes among the fictional women can be especially wearing on oneís attentiveness. You can excuse these shortcomings by saying they manifest as part of a dream play, but the truth of the matter is that the material could use more cogency."
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Deborah Klugman