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At The Table
At The Table

At The Table
The Road Theatre Company at Lankershim Arts Center
Thru - Jul 20, 2019

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The Road Theatre Company at Lankershim Arts Center

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Los Angeles Times- Recommended

"...Director Judith Moreland and her fine actors nail down the laughs and the pathos in Perlman's meandering, passionate play, which has slice-of-life dialogue that sounds as if it were lifted from a late-night bull session. Perhaps the characters' prevalent inebriation explains their struggles with articulate argument. All the same, don't parse "Table" too closely. You might lose yourself in its unsynthesized topicality."
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F Kathleen Foley

Stage Scene LA- Highly Recommended

"...Booze and pot lower inhibitions, loosen tongues, and reveal cracks in the fifteen-year-long friendship of a quartet of 30somethings in Michael Perlman’s At The Table, a Road Theatre Company Los Angeles Premiere that proves as edge-of-your-seat compelling as it is provocatively button-pushing."
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Steven Stanley

Stage Raw- Highly Recommended

"...Very few, if any, of these characters are likable - but far more importantly, they're real. They are your well-meaning but uninformed family member, your blissfully politically unaware friend, maybe even you at your least sensitive. And yes, there is something ironic about a (probably) privileged audience applauding a piece that so deftly knocks them off their pedestal and reminds them that "there are real things going on in the world." But if you walk out of At the Table patting yourself on the back for your political correctness, then you've missed the point."
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Taylor Kass

Accessibly Live Off-Line- Recommended

"...Directed by Judith Moreland, AT THE TABLE's moral could be labeled as everyone has their perceptions in common, while their diversities can either bond or tear apart. Then again, serving quality wine doesn't mean one will have quality time! Dinner party hosts-you have been warned!"
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Paul Myrvold