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  An Enemy of the People Reviews
An Enemy of the People
An Enemy of the People

An Enemy of the People
Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum
Thru - Sep 28, 2019

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Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum

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LA Splash- Recommended

"...Still, no matter what the adversity, Stockman feels that he must stick to his guns; his faithful wife and family are almost his only supporters. But then his father-in-law issues an ultimatum which could have catastrophic results for the entire Stockman family. Truly, Dr. Stockman has become AN ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE. How will all this work out? You'll have to see Ellen Geer's adaptation of Ibsen's play to find out. By the way, I'm sure that Ibsen would have approved of the original play's changes, which bring some contemporary and contentious issues to the fore."
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Elaine Mura

Hollywood Progressive- Recommended

"...The play illustrates what I've long said: In America, you have freedom of speech - until the precise moment when you use your First Amendment right to advocate for an unpopular cause in public. Then you find out how free you really are in the land of the "free.""
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Ed Rampel

Theatre Notes- Highly Recommended

"...With Ellen Geer vigorously adapting the Ibsen text as well as directing along with Melora Marshall, the play resonates with the concerns of today-the ever-creeping racism poking its ugly head up on a daily basis; the degradation of our planet; the careless, heedless rule of the politically corrupt. Christopher W. Jones as Doctor Stockman delivers some steamy, righteous sermons to the cast onstage, and then proceeds off the stage and up the stairs into the audience to drive his message home. We become the choir that is preached to. "
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Paul Myrvold

The Fume of Sighs- Recommended

"...The dialogue is as easy to follow as its message is clear - the insistent search for the mighty dollar, the compulsion to fulfill personal interests without considering the welfare of others, and society's nerve to punish and ignore those who speak up, are all actual enemies of the people."
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Dena Burroughs