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  A Mile In My Shoes Reviews
A Mile In My Shoes
A Mile In My Shoes

A Mile In My Shoes
Hudson Theatre
Thru - Dec 9, 2018

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Hudson Theatre

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Gia on the Move- Highly Recommended

"...Like many show these days, A Mile In My Shoes employs video projections, sometimes to give location images, and sometimes to underscore stories. If there is an aspect of the show to critique, it would be this - Smith's work is so true and empathetic that when the video images flash and your attention is taken away from her, even for a moment, a connection is lost. It's only for a moment, as the performance never flags, but Smith's words and actions do more for the imagination and soul than images ever could. It's never more than a momentary distraction, but the more time you spend looking to Smith, the better. She has something important to say and you should listen. Closely."
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Matt Ritchey

Night Tinted Glasses- Recommended

"...I've told you all I"m going to about the specific content of this fantastic piece of theatre. Suffice to say it got under my skin and into my heart. I believe very strongly the rest of the audience felt the same. I invite you to share the experience, to walk if not a mile then at least a few yards, in the shoes of those who probably terrify you, lest by osmosis they somehow pass their tragedy into your life."
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David MacDowell Blue

Stage Raw- Somewhat Recommended

"...In A Mile in My Shoes, writer and solo performer Kathryn Taylor Smith dramatizes the crisis in homelessness by portraying various homeless people and some of the community figures who interact with them. The production has heart and a message that needs to be heard, but its staging requires some finessing for it to play to its potential."
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Deborah Klugman

The TVolution- Recommended

"...Director Zadia Ife and Projection Designer Matt Ritchey have orchestrated Smith's characters and tales into a production that is as entertaining as it is moving, and have done the show a service by assuring the scene-lets and characters are precisely delineated. Smith's writing has a musical quality, and Ester's gallivanting on the streets of downtown Los Angeles lapses into dance-like sequences. Choreographed by James "Annex" Cleaver, these segues are graceful in form but always fitted to Smith's character movement, preventing these occasions from diminishing into the "hoofing homeless.""
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Ernest Kearney