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  1984 at The Ivy Substation


The Ivy Substation
9070 Venice Blvd Culver City

Winston Smith hates his job. He works in the Ministry of Information rewriting history to serve the interests of the powerful. Winston's soul is stirring with rebellion and his heart alive with love. Welcome to a world of no privacy, where electronic screens create paranoia, divisiveness and hatred for the 'other'. Here, the state manufactures consent for perpetual war, truth is manipulated, and love itself is an act of rebellion.

Presented by The Actor's Gang

Thru - Dec 7, 2019

Show Type: Drama

Box Office: 310-838-4264

  1984 Reviews
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Los Angeles Times - Recommended

"...Orwell's 1949 novel instills a crushing sense of claustrophobia by packaging all of that into the concept of Big Brother. The Actors' Gang production, directed by Tim Robbins, maintains that constriction. (The company's celebrity founding artistic director also performs, although you shouldn't expect to glimpse him until quite some time into the action.)"
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Daryl H. Miller

Broadway World - Recommended

"...When Tim Robbins finally appears in Act Two, you are already familiar with his character, that of the smooth-tongued, suave leader who knows all, knows how to destroy anyones' spirit and all the most despicable ways to torture someone into madness and submission. The scene near the end is absolutely horrifying, involving a cage filled with rats put over Winston's head, that finally does him in, as he blurts out, screaming, "I love you Big Brother," having given over his soul in defeat.""
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Valerie-Jean Miller

On Stage Los Angeles - Recommended

"...This Actors' Gang presentation is more than simply a play. It's an immersive experience that involves the audience subjectively as well as objectively. It reflects a somewhat uncomfortable world from which we have just arrived right outside the theatre. The chilly parallel may be just a bit too real."
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Hollywood Progressive - Highly Recommended

"...But The Gang's production now on the boards at the Culver City Ivy Substation through Dec. 7 takes matters even further, arguing that this manipulation of reality aims to "make people not believe what they see with their own lying eyes," said Sullivan, longtime Resident Playwright for the Tony and OBIE award-winning San Francisco Mime Troupe (which for some reason has never itself presented his adaptation of 1984, although since premiering it in 2006, The Gang has toured with it internationally, from Buenos Aires to Kiev)."
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Ed Rampell

Stage Raw - Somewhat Recommended

"...Things do tighten and intensify in Act 2 when Winston comes face to face with O'Brien, the undercover operative whom he believed to be a leader of the resistance but who is actually a powerful cog in the repressive machine of the State. As O'Brien, Robbins is chilling as he smugly and heartlessly strips Winston of his last shred of dignity and hope. In this cathartic confrontation, the production finally achieves the visceral impact it strives for."
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Deborah Klugman

Theater Times - Highly Recommended

"...The Actors' Gang first presented Orwell's 1984 in 2006 and since then they have taken it to over 40 US states as well as to countries like Greece, Italy, Spain, Australian, China and Mexico (I saw the 2006 production as an audience member and I haven't been able to forget it)."
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Christine Deitner

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