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  12 Angry Men,12 Impassioned Women Reviews
12 Angry Men,12 Impassioned Women
Promenade Playhouse

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Stage Raw- Not Recommended

"...There may be a political statement in casting 12 female actors in this originally all-male drama, but if there is, this production hasn’t articulated it. Casting women instead of men might have established a perfect opportunity to explore both the effective and ineffective ways women communicate with each other in male-created spaces. Instead, under Lazarus’s direction, Promenade Playhouse delivers a low-energy, quasi-updated production that is confusing and unspecific in its focus. It replaces “angry” with “impassioned”, and dilutes the vitriol that makes 12 Angry Men not only a landmark American play, but an unflinching look at the most noble — and most evil — aspects of human nature."
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Taylor Kass